Friday, September 30, 2011

Lizards Galore!

This week during my photographic journeys the lizards demanded that I work on pictures of them so I gave in. It seemed like every time I turned around there was a lizard that was willing to do interesting things for me. The first lizard that I came upon looked down at my feet to see what the noise was down below him. I also got him to look up to see what was going on above him. Most of the lizards I found where Brown Anoles. I did however find find some Green Anoles and one in particular that had morning dew on his body.

Also, while I was out and about there was one insect that caught my attention and was very camera shy. They were these good size grasshoppers. It is funny when you walk up to them they circle to the other side of the plant they are on to hide. If you relocate yourself to get a full view of them they move again. This one however decided to stretch his legs after moving and staying where he was for a while.

Green Grasshopper

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