Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clyde Butcher Big Cypress National Preserve Labor Day Swamp Walk

Big Grasshopper Posing For Me
This last weekend I had a blast with walking through the Big Cypress National Preserve with our guide Brian Call. Saw lots of things but was limited to what I could take because of the slippery conditions and not wanting my camera to take a plunge to its watery grave. The funny thing is something caught my attention before we even got out into the water and that was this big grasshopper. What kinda cracked me up a little was that he stood perfectly still for me and when I left someone else had spotted him and came over and he apparently didn't want them to take his photo as he started climbing up the tree pretty fast. As we walked through, they told us about the environment and that the alligators stayed towards the front MOST of the time because there wasn't any food further into the swamp for them. I think I was ok with that but at the same time call me nuts because I would love to get a up close photo of an alligator.
Lazy Green Lynx Spider

Yesterday I was walking along on Yarbrough Park and came across this spider just being ever so lazy the way he was laying on this leaf. He didn't even bother to keep all of himself on the leaf. He kinda just let his legs dangle off the edges of the leaf which were quite long. The thing that got my attention about this spider was the ever so bright colors displayed. To be honest, I have never seen a spider like this before and found out that it is called a Green Lynx Spider (Peucetia Viridans). I love seeing new and amazing things to capture at places I have been to many times. Please feel free to check out the other amazing things I have come across by clicking on any of the photos and going to my photo gallery.

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