Friday, September 16, 2011

Nature Meets Bicycling!

During one of the photo shoots I went out on this week I decided after seeing this brightly colored red dragonfly that I was going to hunt it down and photograph it. I swear every time I had one land near me, but not close enough for what I wanted, it would just as I got in range take off out to the middle of the water and on over to the other side. It would not simply fly away from where it was a little and come back or re-land on the same side. It was just GONE if it took off. I finally got one to let me crawl up to it every so slowly and take its photo. Without a doubt though this red dragonfly is the most skittish and hardest one I have come across to get to sit still for me.

One of the photo shoots I did yesterday was for someone who was doing a demonstration for the local DOT, on how vehicles dealt with a cyclist being on the road with them. This one stretch of road the bike lane/sidewalk just disappears in. He was doing this in order to give them ideas on how to go about moving cyclists through the intersection.This is an intersection that they just added a new crossover to keep traffic moving on through coming or going in this one direction. During all this I even found a somewhat cool photo opportunity. It was the reflection in his sunglasses that I noticed when I saw a police officer go through the intersection. In regards to the cycling conditions in that area I definitely think it needs something to be done. I was met with a cyclist who decided to use the ever so small sidewalk as I was moving into position for the photo shoot.

In order to let the cyclists through and to be nice so he didn't have to stop, I kinda crawled over the wall a little seen in this photo. Otherwise he couldn't have gone through. Also even if you keep going on that sidewalk, it as well disappears. All in all I really enjoyed trying something new with my photography skills. Feel free to check out some of the nature photos I have taken on my website by clicking on any of the photos.

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