Friday, August 26, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Well last Sunday I decided I was going to go to Lovers Key State Park. While I was waiting for them to open, I went across to the boat docks that sometimes has quite a few birds on the docks, but the only thing I found this time around was my good friend the blood sucking mosquito. After getting bit many times I decided that I was going to move on and just drive to see if I could find a new area I hadn't been to before. Sure enough, near one of the bridges as I was driving by I saw just flock after flock of different birds flying through the area so I pulled over and walked up on the bridge to take some photos. While I got some good ones up there, the real treasure I would find was underneath the bridge. This yoga group that was on these surfboards and using a paddle while standing up to move themselves ended up pushing a Cormorant my way under the bridge. It wasn't long after the Cormorant got to the pilings underneath the bridge that he caught himself a Oyster Cracker fish and began working on eating him. I would have to say this fish was not the slightest bit pleased with his predicament and neither would I being what happens in the end. 

Later that same day, I came across quite a few manatees. Someone else there said they counted about 11 of them. There was one manatee that stuck out there, that I was repeatedly photographing and it was a baby and it's mother. The cutest thing I saw was when the baby and the mother head to tail started rolling with the baby hugging its mother. These had to be the most photogenic manatees I had ever seen as they stayed for so long playing and making bubbles. I was kinda sad to see them go when they finally decided to head back out, leaving me there wanting to see them playing more, rolling around, making snort sounds sometimes as they came up for air and hugging each other. Should you find yourself enjoying what you see, take a trip to my website by clicking on this photo to see more photos of the natural side of the world that I have experienced first hand.

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