Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inquire Within To See What All The Buzz Is About!

Buzz Off!
I would have to say this is a first. When I went out this morning to take a walk with my camera and see what crosses my path, this bee caught my attention. So I went over and focused the lens on it and it flipped its abdomen straight up like it was mooning me. Can honestly say I have never had a bee show me his true feelings of me taking his photo before. I gladly kept shooting despite his apparent dislike for his photo being taken. After that I moved away from the bee before it showed me in another way its dislike for me taking the photographs of it.

I See You And You Don't Look Like A Dragonfly To Me.
Another thing that I really enjoy photographing when I am walking down Yarbrough park are the dragonflies. They come in so many different sizes and color configurations. This one that I found is a really shinny gold. While I was photographing it and ever so slowly moving in closer to it, it all of a sudden it looked right at me as I was taking the photo. I guess I had been spotted and my being there was no longer unknown to it. Apparently I did not look very threatening to him as he remained quite a while after that photo to let me take more. Should you want to see more photos that I have taken, click on one of these photos to be taken to my website where my gallery is located.

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