Friday, August 12, 2011

Quite an interesting day of photo shoots.

Dew you want to see more?
Well, I sat down on my couch Saturday night and started thinking of what subjects to try and photograph at these places I was going to be going to this week. After a bit of thinking I came up with lizards, flies, flowers, frogs, grasshoppers, birds, dragonflies, bees, squirrels, crabs, turtles, gators, snakes, rabbits and raccoons. Who knew that the first day I went out after pondering these ideas I would take a photo I liked that had nothing to do with any of these ideas. What caught my attention the most when I visited the 6 Mile Cypress Preserve was how the water was collecting on the leaves of these water plants near the boardwalk. Not to mention, if you look close you can see what I believe to be some of the sky in it. I almost gave up on the idea of going out and doing any photography that morning because of how it was raining and lightning, but I am glad I did not. The only thing though about going out after a rain is you have to watch out for the water still falling from the trees,  because water and photography equipment don't mix.

Say Hello To My Little Friend.
Later that same day after work I went out to Sanibel Causeway. Wasn't quite sure what I was going to be able to photograph being that rain I spoke of earlier started up shortly after I left from 6 Mile Cypress Preserve. I parked my car at the side and sat on the back of my tailgate and looked around to see what interesting things were going on. There were these little crabs all over the place doing this little dance with one claw. So I took a chair, went to a hole that I saw one come out of, huddled down a little to cover the camera from the little bit of rain that was falling and waited for him to come back out. All the while getting bit by yours truly the mosquito. After quite a few bites I did manage to get a few pictures of this crab coming out of his hole. All in all it was quite a productive day for my photography. If you would like to learn more about what I do visit Http://

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