Friday, November 4, 2011

Visit To Austin Texas

Ducks Feeding From Down Under
Squirrel Sun Tanning
When I went over to Austin Texas I did an Incredible amount of walking around taking in the sights. A few miles from where I was staying there was a park that I walked over to and noticed there were quite a few birds there. I of course couldn't resist putting the walk on hold to go over and take some photographs of them. They were everywhere some in the water and some roosting on the land. I found the ones in the water the most interesting to watch them feeding. The way they ate was by taking their heads and going straight down into the water and by doing so sticking their butts in the air.
Turtle Keeping A Close Eye On Me
After that, I went to another park that had really beautiful water. There wasn't a whole lot of wildlife in this area I was in due to the amount of people there, but I did get to see some turtles. There were a few particular ones that caught my attention. They were out of the water completely sunning themselves. They were very touchy and you had to move ever so slowly closer in order to get close to them otherwise they would dive off the rocks and disappear into the water. On the way out I also came across this squirrel lazing about under this bridge. As always should you want to see more photos I have taken feel free to click on any of the photos to be taken to my galleries.
Cactus Flower Blooms

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